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How to update ROM?

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Probably you think that upgrading ROM is a very serious thing but no, you’re wrong. Please only remember that you can void your warranty as usually this means flashing with a different region or even an unofficial, completely unsupported by the manufacturer ROM. However the device want let you to it easily as it has to be unlocked first. Normally you can only update with official Eten versions intended for your device (region, language etc) and the bad thing is that there aren’t too many of these unless you have WWE (World Wide English – basic ROM) … Another important thing is to always update from SD card as this is the safest possible way!

How to unlock ROM updates?

If during ROM update you receive an error message about bad image version probably this means that your device needs to be unlocked (or flashed with another ROM version). Another case may be a corrupt file that needs to be redownloaded or you did something wrong. This workaround allows you to flash any ROM so you can update from WM5 to WM6, change language or flash with an unofficial ROM. Remember to use only ROM for appropriate model and from a reliable source!!! You need to perform the update under Windows XP, it is possible to update in Vista however… trust me it’s far easier to visit your friend with XP than walking around the problem.

1. Download Unlock Upgrade (rename file to .zip!) and extract its content into a folder.

2. You can skip this step if you have a ROM image ready to be flashed. Run your normal Eten update, click Next -> Finish and wait for first screen of ROM update. Now go to the directory C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Local Settings\Temp.

3. Move or copy temp.dat (ROM image) into folder where you extracted the zip. Now you have 4 files in there. Close Eten update program.

4. Connect your device to the PC but make sure it is a GUEST partnership.

5. Execute the file called upgrade.bat and you will see a dos screen pop up and thereafter normal ROM update screen will appear. Proceed as prompted.

6. Unlock needs to be performed only once, than your device will accept anything.

How to update ROM from microSD?

1. Backup all your data.

2. Charge your battery and keep the device connected to the AC power supply just to be sure.

3. Copy the following files to the root of your microSD card:

– USBDLUpdate_Console.exe
– temp.bin

Remember that you can download ROM as temp.bin or temp.dat. It doesn’t matter, it’s only important how you perform an upgrade so just rename it accordingly.

Some say you need to format SD card before the procedure and that it has to be FAT16 (while it should be anyway as it’s faster). Personally I have those files always prepared on my SD with other stuff and documents, plus a factory ROM just in case I would have to reflash on the go. It works fine this way…

4. Put the card into your X500+

5. Now press and hold record button (under volume buttons) and power button, press reset promptly while keeping both buttons pressed until Bootloader screen shows.

6. You should see

USB Downloader 0019
Flash Capacity=128MB

USB Downloader Ready.
SD Card In
Find SDMMC Card.
Program Image from SDMMC

7. The flashing should start and take few minutes. Wait till it passes “EDGE Download status” and finally shows “USB host is not connected yet.”

8. Flashing is complete, cold reset the device to start using. Hold power button and press reset.

However it is advised to make a hard reset (yes I know this is nonsense but wise people can explain it). So as soon as you release the stylus and power button in previous step, keep the red hangup key pressed until “Erase all data” question appears. Release the hangup button, press and hold left softkey for “Yes”. If you don’t make it on time, repeat.

9. Enjoy. If something fails during the update procedure just repeat the process.


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May 3, 2008 at 12:37

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  1. […] to know exactly what you want from your device, so KVA is a good all-rounder and starter. Here is how to update ROM and my list of registry tweaks. Well just browse all my posts in this category to know what is what […]

  2. Hi,

    could you explain a bit better the step n. 2 ?
    What do you mean by “normal Eten update” ? is it a program that should I donwnload from the eten site?
    thanks for your help!


    October 14, 2008 at 21:15

  3. I’ve wrote this a long time ago and giving it a second thought rings the bell – yes, ROM from step 2 was meant to be a factory ROM available from Eten’s website but this can be any ROM you like – for example KVA’s. So you don’t need to download anything from Eten, you just need to have a proper ROM image (temp.bin or temp.dat) you want to flash. Be careful no to flash X500+ with X500 ROM because this will probably brick your device.


    October 14, 2008 at 22:36

  4. Hi,
    I have made the step exactly as you mentioned and I am getting also exactly same as the error message you kept in the site:

    Why It says os image is not compatible with hardware and what is the solution you think. Thanks.


    October 23, 2008 at 03:02

  5. This trick always does the job so most probably you have a not compatible image with your device or a corrupted file. Try redownloading and make sure it’s the right version. The flash software seems to be working fine for you so I can’t think of any other issues right now. I’ll try to find a solution if it doesn’t help.


    October 23, 2008 at 12:47

  6. […] it and re flash with my tutorial. Think about backing up your original […]

  7. i update sucssesfull my glofish m800 thanks to you but i had a problem the phone service not

    cant i prove de gsm sistem of the phono for discart a hardware failure the phone aplicacion not apen never not after hard reset not after update ever show the messange No service and when a try to stop the gsm ervice whit the wirless mananger keeps thinking and dont do anything

    and when i push the power button its shut down but to powered on again i have to made a soft reset

    cant do anything or a have to trow these garbage by the ten floour window and buy a chinnese cell

    Augusto leon

    July 25, 2009 at 01:39

  8. Augusto:

    1. Try cleaning connectors of your SIM card with a soft cloath like your T-Shirt. Sometimes SIM losses connection.
    2. Try flashing again with this new ROM if you are sure that this is a proper one for your phone.
    3. If this doesn’t help try flashing with factory provided ROM from Eten’s website or http://eten-users.eu/ ftp server.

    Good luck.


    July 26, 2009 at 14:10

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