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Mozilla just released their newest Firefox browser 3.0 RC1 buit. It is still intended mainly for developers though and should not be considered as final but it’s out of Beta status now. If you have Beta 5 with autoupdate on, you should already have RC1 today. Looks and works really fine and the changes are nice too. Here is the list.

What about mobile world? Not quite brilliant… I can’t wait to see Firefox Mobile which should be available next year. It still has a long way to go but looks very promising, as its goal is to provide full desktop experience on mobile devices, with a stunning finger friendly interface.

Till than we have Opera Mobile, which I’m testing currently and it looks quite good! It still doesn’t support some content like dropdown menus but it displays pages nearly as desktop, what sometimes can become a problem with Pocket Internet Explorer. Tabbed browsing is a blessing and this functions lacks most in PIE. However I think that PIE is a little bit faster and I use it instead if I know that pages will format fine. You should give it a try as there is a 30-days demo. To complicate things a bit more, Microsoft announced new PIE which should finally satisfy Windows Mobile users out of the box. We’ll see…

However to be honest, at the moment (or even in few next months) I can’t see any other reasonable choice as I’ve browsed across the web to find a nice mobile browser. Sure, we have a war going on out there, thus should be able to pick something out, but most of new pretenders are simply unfinished… support only vga, need java or have other flaws. Only Opera seems to be a complete product which does the job.

Have you tested other browsers? Share with us!


Written by Hadrys

May 19, 2008 at 15:18

2 Responses

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  1. have you tried NetFront browser?

    in my case, this browser is the best right now.. much faster than opera and doesn’t have a memory problem running on my M800..


    July 21, 2008 at 00:47

  2. […] 2008 Mobile browser wars continue and last time Opera was my choice (mostly). Thanks to Timmis comment I’ve discovered the best ever browser – NetFront 3.5 – which I recon can be beaten only by […]

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