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Windows Mobile alternative?

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My three cents to the discussion.

I’m not so sure how good that would be right now. WM is a factory standard and mobile devices boom just begun! Only recently we (and other brands users) made a huge step forward in customizing WM ROMs to a specific device, to make it work as good as it can, without flaws and… check this out, it works! But what is best is that all third party apps work, professional and freeware, across all different devices. There are no compatibility issues and everybody develops apps for the same platform which I would point as most important. You just download a piece of software for WM and it has to work.

I just can’t use Symbian phones and Linux is not the best choice for home users in my opinion. Sure I have a server running on a small Linux, compiled only to do that, set up & forget it but I’ve tried running Linux at home and it always ended up as a disaster. I imagine very specific compilations per device/per manufacturer and thus very huge package library for compatibility and additional packages for every newly developed software, which leads to slowness (actually Linux was slower for me than Vista) or very limited capabilities to keep it streamlined and snappy. Than we end up with different compilations/ROMs per device per user which might lead to an actual step back in mobile devices market development. Remember that we are only a small bunch of users that can and wish to customize their devices and most users will just require compatibility and simplicity everywhere. Think how many (stupid) questions came up here when custom ROMs were brought to life, see how lost most users were and this was just a small customization.

Yes, WM has it’s problems but show me perfect software…


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June 30, 2008 at 09:29

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  1. there is the same situation in the pc world. windows has its +90%, but linux and osx are having their parts and it works.

    i have linux since 1999 and i am very happy with it. it can do more for me than any windows because i can customize, reconfigure it etc. and i do not mind that everyone around me is using windows. that’s not a reason for not having 2,3 or more other operating systems.


    July 1, 2008 at 23:06

  2. Having 3 OS is good as long as you can choose between them freely without sacrificing usability. MDA devices are still limited and it will probably take a while to change.


    July 2, 2008 at 14:38

  3. I’d love to know why anyone prefers WM to Symbian (looking forward to a deluge of replies). As a business user I’ve been blown away by the loss of functionality and speed when moving from Symbian to WM 6.1. It may be related to the applications I regularly use on my smartphone and the way I’ve organised it. I’ve three overriding issues: in WM, unlike 6.1, I’m only able to synchronise the default Contacts folder; Notes does not work even remotely as well; searching is unreliable – both inaccurate and slow.

    In more detail. Symbian allows customisation to sync with any contacts folder (or calendar, or notes folder – but not e-mail, also annoying on both platforms when one has more than 1 e-mail inbox/sent items). This is critical with certain handsets (most, I suspect), where my Contacts database is large. I simply I don’t want 4000 contacts in my phone book).

    Notes is my jotter of choice in Symbian – quick to open/close and the sync with Outlook means it is backed up. But the fact that not only does 6.1 not synchronise notes properly (the storage location is a mystery and pwi format is a problem for me and many others, judging by the many blogs). Worse still, the Search function in WM 6.1 simply does not work properly. When I say doesn’t work properly, particualrly with notes. By not working properly, I mean (a) it does not find data and (b) it takes an average of 5 times longer when searching notes (45 seconds, during which my device becomes entirely useless, compared to under 10 seconds with Symbian on identical data sates). Symbian finds data that WM somehow ignores. I have literally run identical Outlook profiles on my Symbian powered handst and on my WM 6.1 powered handset and the difference is mind-blowing: how can Microsoft not effectively (efficiently and flexibly) configure synchronisiation and search between Outlook and Windows Mobile whereas Symbian can?
    I cannot begin to describe how much frustration this causes me. I need another way of taking notes in meetings and saving contact data too… but cannot rely on software that doesn’t search properly or causes my productivity to grind to a halt every time I close an application or search for something.
    Helpful ideas are welcome.


    January 30, 2009 at 15:02

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