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This was supposed to be ready long time ago… well it is now. This is a selection of my must have freeware software which was tested during many months and proved to be reliable, fast, small and yet very powerful. One of my favorite futures is that you don’t need to install most of them every time you hard reset. Store them like your documents and use when needed (you don’t use them every day). Just copy .exe to your SD once and run via file explorer. You can always add a shortcut if you need.


Most important app is WkTask, a brilliant task manager. In the beggining I used pBar but finally settled down with WkTask, which has two major features that change everything. WkTask allows desktop style task bar next to start menu so you can switch apps with one click. A must have feature if you use your device a lot! It also allows to manage brightness via holding the X button, rotate or turn off display. Also it has a built in launcher, quite capable. The downside is that closed apps take time to run and you will want to keep them closed to free your task bar so at first you’ll think that device is slower. Download.

PIM Backup

Very small but yet very capable app for those without Outlook. It can backup/restore your PIM (Personal Information Manger) data such as contacts, tasks, appointments, email/text messages and phone logs. Files are very small or a bit larger if you choose a format that can be easiely read on desktop pc. Scheduled backup is also available. Doesn’t require install. Download.

PHM Regedit

Windows similar registry editor. Easy and very powerfull (backup/restore). Use to apply my set of registry Tweaks. Doesn’t require install. Download.

Skype 2.2

This one doesn’t require describing. Version 2.2 supports voice calls which somehow/times work on EDGE! Most important is that it no longer freezes the phone but voice from a rear speaker is still an issue. Download.

Windows Live

In most editions it’s built in but if you use a custom ROM it probably want be there but you can look for a CAB probably provided with the ROM. It contains Live Messenger and Live Mail which most important feature is push feature, which literally pushes new mail to your phone, instantly. It works and doesn’t drain battery as this is server side feature. Also it can sync your contacts so you can edit them with your desktop (for those without Outlook).

PocketXpdf viewer

Old and discontinued PDF viewer but still best around!!! Adobe app looks and works like **** comparing to this one. However it supports interactive fields, but text rendering quality and speed is ages behinf Xpdf. What a shame Adobe… Download.

TCPMP codecs & player

Best ever set of popular audio & video codecs plus a smart media player. Interesting feature is an equalizer which can truly increase audio quality even on poor headphones. If you want to use your device as a walkman or watch movies on the go, this is definitely the choice. Download.


Want to take screenshots of your phone? There are probably more sophisticated apps but this one does the job perfectly. Set the timer, arrange the screen as you want and it takes a shot. Doesn’t require install. Download.


Nice app to clean up the mess, temporary files, caches, history, recent files, bad registry entries etc. You can add your own paths. Doesn’t require install. Download.


Must have app written by one of our Eten forum users. It simply turns on the camera flash diode to serve as a flashlight. It’s not the strongest I’ve ever seen but enough to save your life ;-) Doesn’t require install. Download.


Advanced stopper with many wired futures. If you need to measure time this is the app for you. Doesn’t require install. Download.

Apps that I don’t use anymore but are still very useful.

Google Maps

I don’t use it anymore however I keep a copy of this app on my device. If you can’t afford a decent gps map than Google is the choice. There is a freeware smart2go map but it’s very user unfriendly… Doesn’t require install. Download.


Simply locks the touch screen when you turn it off – just like you would press “the key” in Today. Download.

Spb Mobile Shell 1.5

Small and fast (unlike 2.0) Today plugin that has quick start, quick contacts, very nice weather plugin and something else I don’t remember (probably battery metter). It is available as a standard plugin for X800 and you can find a registered copy from this phone on Eten forums.

Today Agenda

Highly configurable Today plugin that displays your tasks and appointments in a much more eye friendly way – perfect for those who have loads of tasks and meetings. Download.

Total Commander

If you work a lot with files on your Windows Mobile this is the path to follow. It supports two panes view and has lots of power features similar to desktop and an ftp client. Download.

Opera Mobile

One of the best mobile browsers around but it’s not free. I can’t wait for Firefox! Download.


Written by Hadrys

July 20, 2008 at 10:21

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  1. Skype 2.2 does not work properly with WM 6.1 phones (see Skype blogs for more information). 2.5 beta apparently sometimes works, although neither loading the .cab file or running the .exe from my PC creates a working version (it shows up in my program files but doesn’t launch or launches a blank, unusable screen.


    January 30, 2009 at 17:20

  2. […] to be ready long time ago’ well it is now. This is a selection of my must have freeware Software which was tested during many months and proved to be reliable, fast, small and yet very powerful. […]

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