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Have you heard about Firefox add-ons? These tiny apps can do very useful things! Adblock is a must have and filters most of annoying ads, I’ve seen one page so far that didn’t allow Adblock but sorry, I’ve found the information somewhere else… This was so stupid as requiring login on forums to do the search or download attachments.

Firebug is only for web developers but it’s amazing and gears speed up some pages that can use it like WordPress. Menu editor can shorten your FF menus to the minimum as plugins make them grow quickly. I’m still uncertain about Perspectives, a plugin that fixes DNS hack and should help manage credentials but this is a new one in my collection. Fireftp is very nice, it has everything you need and fits nicely into a normal tab!

Do you have your own collection of favorite add-ons? Maybe a good dictionary, as the 3.0 built-in is not as good as it used to be… don’t know why?


Written by Hadrys

August 31, 2008 at 10:51

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