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Give me back my Adblock!

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After two weeks with great Google Chrome browser I’m switching back to Firefox 3.0 and the reason is trivial – Chrome lacks of Adblock (ad-ons in general) at the moment. I can live without other add-ons but I forgot how hard can it be without Adblock and this is not about longer loading times. Huge pop ups in front of content and two times longer columns full of blinking stuff disordering text. No thanks…

What worries most is that this includes serious (as I thought) sites like for example well known newspapers (paper ones). With Adblock they look very professional and clean, without… oh my, what a mess. I don’t understand this (like many other things). More and more ads so more people will obviously install Adblock which means less money or even visitors (and if we continue with this example – a website of a newspaper isn’t for making money directly, it’s the newspaper). And advertising isn’t a bad thing but there have to be reasonable limits! I could live with, even I would be happy if that helps (probably from time to time I would find something interesting after clicking an ad) a neatly composed adbox like a simple skyscraper-ad type to the right side, which doesn’t interrupt the content and the flow of the text. I’m visiting a website for the content, not for the ads! If I need something I Goggle and this is where you should advertise and make everything possible so your site will pop up first and not hundred results away. Since most of website holders do not understand this very simple rule I say F… you and Adblock is the first thing I install with Firefox on any machine.

Even worse that we already lost the war. What do you do during 15 minutes of TV ads? Probably like everybody else go to kitchen, make some tea, go to the loo or simply change the channel. Nobody cares that only few people will ever watch ads. Thanks to ads getting longer and longer and moves/programs boring, I quit watching TV… I don’t even have a TV set and if I’m near one, it probably shows wile life on National Geographic.

Here I wanted to share with you how I moddified Firefox to behave more like Chrome but this turned into a massive search through plugins, which turned into turning FF nearly into Chrome! Now I have to write another “FF add-ons” post…

My first attempt was not that good as simple:


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September 13, 2008 at 12:54

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  1. You should check out AdBlock+ for Google Chrome.


    January 5, 2009 at 20:38

  2. good article. thanks.


    October 7, 2010 at 11:03

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