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Somehow I was always fascinated with Wacom tablets (thanks to Computer Arts). During last 10 years I had few times an idea to buy A4 sized tablet, but as they are even today pricey, I gave up. My best ever mighty Logitech Pilot (yes, I’ve paid a lot of money for a tiny two-button stylish mouse with the tail…) worked well for many years but finally failed me (now works again with a new LED). While looking for a new pointing device I was strangely lured from mousses to tablets, just to find out that now you can grab a Wacom for just 80 Euro! You know how the story goes on…

I’ve asked Google about this product and it turned out that Bamboo (lowest of the line) is a perfect choice for home & office users not just for professionals or artists. 6″ might sound small but is enough to draw precisely (you can find movies what cool things people draw with it) and your hand doesn’t get tired during Windows navigation. Remember this doesn’t work like a mouse (it can) so you don’t need to drag the cursor, just point where you want the cursor to be. Tablet area exactly corresponds to the screen. Quality is superb and the paper-like surface really feels like … paper. Using Bamboo requires some training but after few days you get used to it, reconfigure buttons as you like and the experience becomes amazing.

If you like to draw, retouch photos, make handwritten notes in Windows, correct documents and naturally navigate (it’s supposed to be much healthier than mouse), don’t hesitate. Vista’s handwriting recognition works well, there is full support for Microsoft Office and you get few new Windows apps like Journal. The price to satisfaction ratio is superb! The only complain could be that Wacom requires drivers so you can’t simply connect it to any computer (you can but in ordinary mouse mode which sucks) and the flat, thin design encourages you to put Bamboo into your briefcase and take it with you.

I’m very pleased.


Written by Hadrys

September 14, 2008 at 15:00

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