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There is a ton of posts about dressing up Firefox with Chromifox – a skin that looks nearly like Google Chrome and I must admit – it’s very practical too. The thing is that trying to make FF more like Chrome I’ve discovered add-ons which literally changed my life. I’ve promised to write about this and now I’ve tested enough to know what is a total FF must have! It’s a pity that you can’t exactly make FF to split each tab into separate process but Chrome sets a good direction and probably soon sandboxing (separating java, flash, tabs etc) will become a standard.

Adblock Plus – you all know this one for sure. Get those pesky ads out of my sight, now!

Locationbar2 – the address bar becomes links to main domain and folders so when you want to jump a higher level you just click. It also highlights the domain so it’s easier to read where you are. Not exactly necessary but very useful and looks neat too.

Peers – this is my favorite! It enables searching from the address bar but at first it will search through your browsing history, your bookmarks and than a specified engine. It also allows you to use keywords for engines and sites like typing “d word” opens dictionary.com on a “word” phrase. I’ve defined “g” for Google and “w” for Wiki. It’s hard to explain the idea, you just have to try it for yourself. I don’t use bookmarks list anymore and started to extensively use history, which I thought rather useless before. Now i just write few letters of a phrase to find my bookmarks or sites I was browsing few days ago and have no idea how to find them again, what was their name or when it was. I just only need to know what I want and Peers does the rest. This is totally awesome and I feel completely lost now, when trying to use FF without it. I even prepared myself a portable Firefox version if some serious browsing was required in a remote place… Don’t miss this one as the productivity boost is astonishing. Just takes some time to get used to. Notice that I don’t have a search bar, which is also supported by this add-on, but why use it if address bar can do the same now?

Tabs Open Relative – simply opens new tabs next to current tab so you don’t need to scroll all the way to the right for a new tab. Very useful but could be confusing at first.

Tiny Menu – gets rid of menu so you can leave only what you need. Precious space saver.

Chromifox – for a final touch of style.

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November 6, 2008 at 22:55

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