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Well, long time no see. Please forgive me but I’ve been busy. Now I’m back on track and promise to update the blog as often as possible. I’m also pleased to see that quite a lot of people visit my humble site, so I assume that knowledge gathered here is still useful. Let’s go on than with the news:

Firefox 3.5

A lot has changed in this area but most important is the release of 3.5 beta 4 which is stable and very fast (3 was quite sluggish in my opinion) and now you can make it even faster with a custom built by a user named Pigfoot. All the changes are listed on authors website so I can only say that you can feel the difference. It might be faster than chrome. Another significant change is that I said “Bye, Bye Mr. Ad-Block”. Well, thanks to a coincidence I discovered Ad-Block lagging a lot while checking sites containing many images. It turns out it’s faster to load the ads than to block them… Especially if you have more than one list. Also some images were unnecessarily blocked. Maybe in the future I’ll look for a less strict list but currently I live with ads and it turns out not that bad. Also thanks to changes in FF 3.5 I’ve got rid of all extensions except Locationbar2 and Personal Menu (which replaced Tiny Menu). Now I can’t wait to check out separate processes per tab, just like in Chrome, currently under developement!

Skype 4.0

I must admit that Skype did a great job with the final release 4.0. Beta described earlier was a total disaster and this one is the proper Skype. You can make it look a lot like the old one and the new interface provides even more streamlined chat windows, thanks to user info above the chat. Looks like voice and video is improved too, as promised. Probably it’s a good idea to switch to a new version. I don’t understand only supports larger user pictures which are now about 157×157 pixels. It’s available but it’s not mentioned anywhere and I really don’t know what to do with it. I’ll just stick to my old photo.

Windows 7

Microsoft has done it! I’ve been waiting long time for a near final version of Win 7 (7068) and now I have RC1 installed. I’m stunned, amazed and I don’t want anything else on my computer. The product is awesome in every aspect. Flawless installation and automatic detection of all drivers, works great on older computer (Asus A6, Sempron and 640MB RAM), it’s faster than XP, finally no more memory leaks, very stable and linear performance over time, no more restarts required by updates, it just keeps on going day after day without any fuzz. I also love the task bar with pinned apps which definitely changed my approach to everyday work. Probably I’ll write a bigger post as I love just every detail about this system. Every thing is better and out of the box works just like I always wanted to. A free registration key working till March 2010 is a very cute bonus, way to go Microsoft! You’ve got yourself a client.

BTW Even IE8 looks quite good and finally usable. I hope big companies will finally make the switch from the IE6 (read why they still use it)

Windows Mobile

My Eten still works rather fine. The UP button doesn’t work, it’s simply dirty and requires opening the case. Also the OS hangs up more often without a reason, maybe because of the dirt too. I’ll try to reflash it and then maybe open it and clean inside if it doesn’t helo. The funny part is I’ve killed Live Mail synchronization reinstalling WM and after some charging the battery regained it’s life. The phone can survive two days like the new one.Very nice indeed, hence I forget to charge it now…


Written by Hadrys

May 12, 2009 at 21:59

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