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LaCie iamaKey 8GB

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Till now I was using Kingston’s microSD card reader but it suddenly ended it’s life. Sad… I was forced to buy a new pen drive. The timing was perfect as LaCies newest product hit the stores. Yes, it really looks like the key and when I show my keyring, nobody noticed it yet and only asked about my car key :p

Key feels quite solid and looks like it’s sealed inside to make it water proof and the outside is just metal casing to make it tough. I haven’t tested it underwater and don’t intend to but I’ve read about folks who did it… successfully. Speed is as producer states but I’ve encountered a big problem (with all > 4GB drives) – the file system. FAT32 would be the best all-rounders choice but you want be able to record ISO, movies or any files larger than 4 GB. NTFS eats up a lot of space and you might get compatibility issues when you carry around and with the pen drive, especially equipped with crucial tools, you really don’t want that. For me the biggest problem was I couldn’t use it for my Bitlocker during startup.

The solution would be obvious – partition it but as far as I’ve tested it it’s quite impossible to make it reliable. I’ve found a program called … well I don’t know exactly, just follow the link, which would be the right tool for the job but I can’t find any information about it. Nothing! I don’t know the right name either. It’s very strange thus I’m not convinced using something I don’t know, however it works and you can have a small FAT/32 partition with tools or your Bitlocker keys and a large encrypted (somehow) volume with NTFS for large files. Can anybody help?



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May 12, 2009 at 22:28

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