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Custom ROM for X500+

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I’ve been using custom ROM for my WM phone for more than half a year. It was the only reasonable ROM by KVA with WM6.1. It was exceptionally good also but KVA stopped updating it long time ago. Lorbas took over and produced a lot of versions. Earlier ones were not that far from KVA’s, we (community) were trying to fix many small issues and bugs but the latest 2.4 is a different story. It’s complete, fast and reliable.

Lorbas produced so many version as he always put into them the latest leaked WM kernels with some tweaks and options turned on or off, but the latest one is very mature, an out of the box product which should suit most users. It’s a sweet spot and a good base to configure your device as you like with default options tweaked very slightly. The overall experience is very impressive and most significant change is linear and increased performance. My phone is now capable of easily handling navi program, phone calls over bluetooth and PIM simultaneously. I’m not using my tweaks any more too. They just seem to be obsolete. The only one is keep alive EDGE as the red button disconnecting it all the time is too annoying for me.

Download it and re flash with my tutorial. Think about backing up your original ROM.

PS I I’ve tried the new ROM to check if my phone stops hanging all the time. Now I know that probably re flashing with the same version would solve the problem too but I wouldn’t be using Lorbas now.


Written by Hadrys

June 5, 2009 at 10:10

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