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Logitech V550 Nano

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RIP my dear friend. Finally after – I have no idea how many (at least 5) – years and thousands of kilometers my Logitech MouseMan Pilot has retired. Not quite dead yet but definitively over the edge. I’ve soldered a new diode not that long ago but the mouse freaks out again and the optics are worn out. It’s time for a change. The choice was quite obvious: Logitech, wireless, slick and simple.

After few months of following the market in order to match the criteria, forced to decide, I went for V550 Nano. I wasn’t completely sure as there are not many reviews out there, features are undocumented and the price tag is quite big. However my Traveler was even more expensive (keep in mind it was a simple 3 button wired mouse) and it turned out to be a great investment. Also my computer shop had V550 in all 3 colors and the black one as OEM – meaning unpacked – what allowed me to check out how it feels.

After few kilometers rolled I can say it’s marvelous! The best thing is the new wheel, which after some practice you will never switch to precise mode. Just roll it free and stop gently with your finger tip when you need it. To explain (as it’s not mentioned on the internet) you need to press down hard the wheel so it starts to click like in an ordinary mouse – this is the precise mode.  In fast mode, the wheel is noiseless and spins like crazy for many seconds. You can’t middle click with it but beneath is a small button. Windows default action is middle click and with stupid Logitech SetPoint it’s an application switcher. To be honest I’ve just trashed SetPoint as it was useless under my Win7. New laser really works on every surface except glass and the mouse is very elegant. Also feels very solid and you can stow the nano receiver inside of it. As usual with higher Logitech mouses it’s all about the details. I was worried about the green diode on top which would nicely interact with bright blue diodes of my other devices, but it lights up only when you turn on the mouse, no worries. The little hanger thing is also very cute. I’ve put it on the side of my wide screen to easily declutter my desk.

No all I need is a new wireless black ‘n gray keyboard but I turns out that you cannot buy a simple one, which doesn’t look like a space shuttle console…


Mighty V550 vs Veteran Traveler



Written by Hadrys

June 27, 2009 at 02:20

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